I already have a website
when do I need a web portal?

What are the key features of
a web portal?

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I already have a website, when do I need a web portal?

Websites allow businesses to push information out to the world, accessible by everyone, essentially operating as online advertising tools.

Web portals are secure gateways that allow a business, organization or community to securely share proprietary or confidential information, conduct business electronically, including the delivery of services or products and the exchange of payment, and manage workflow through the process with seamless transitions and easy-to-understand dashboards.

If your business has outgrown its initial digital presence or first portal, or if you have reached the point where you need a secure online tool to exchange information, services or payment with users, Heimdall Portals can work with you to identify the scope of your needs, design a solution, implement and support the deployment of your own custom-built portal.

  Features of a web portal


Users register and log in through a self-serve, secure gateway page.


Users experienced seamless automated movement between webpages and a dashboard view of progress.


Users access proprietary or confidential information.


Complete the business cycle by collecting revenue on-line, and providing historical account information to users.

The Portal Development Lifecycle

  • Heimdall designed solutions are deployable in local servers, hosting colocations or in the cloud.
  • Heimdall can provide full cybersecurity threat assessments and ongoing monitoring through a leading national cybersecurity service provider.
  • Heimdall has deployed solutions across multiple jurisdictions in full compliance with all data protection and privacy regulations, including North America, the UK and Europe.
  • Heimdall offers 24/7 post-implementation support for all installations.


The team at Heimdall took the time to listen to our needs and design a solution that was tailor-made to meet the needs of our customers. With their extensive design and development experience, they were able to deliver, on time and on budget, a solution that seamlessly integrated with our existing systems and provided a best-in-class, intuitive interface for both users and administrators.

Ron Stubbington
Director – IT Operations
MDM Insurance Services Inc.